Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Grace (the designer)

your the miracle
and heaven sent
you helpmed me
when I had no rent

I was jobless
and homeless
no money
you knew this

the school fees
the bills they
pilled up
were so grey

but now we
are stronger
and closer
no longer

the arguing
the spiteful
your Janet
I'm Michael

the jacksons
the jetsons
the flintstones
all bets-in

its cool now
you've got me
i tripped a little
you shot me

but yes I
got you
and tripped a little
but you knew

we're friendly

so I sing
a thank you
the wet hands
the real you

the PowerBook
the iBook
the G4's
the new look

the bluetooth
the touchpad
use mighty-mouse
we ain't mad

so play on
do your thing
i'm happy for
your new dream

the US
the stateside
you'll be back
head high with pride

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