Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Solar Energy Now That Obama Has Been Elected

Now that Barack Obama has been elected, solar energy will be increasingly looked to as a key source of energy. The use of energy from the sun has its pros and cons, but the solar industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year. The success of solar will depend on our ability to overcome the barriers that exist.

The sun has been producing solar energy for many billions of years. This energy comes from the rays of sunlight that reach the earth every day. Without the sun's rays, life on earth would not be possible. We only need to look to the planets in our solar system that are further from the sun than earth is, to see brutally cold environments that are inhospitable to life.

The problems encountered with using solar are not mainly due to the production of energy, but are due to the ability or inability to harness this energy for our use. One obvious problem is that the sun does not shine twenty four hours a day at a given location on earth. So there are periods of the day when your home receives an abundance of solar radiation and other times when none is received.

Solar power is harnessed for conversion to electrical power by the use of solar panels. Solar panels are still expensive for most consumers. The recovery of the price of a solar panel purchase through utility bill savings will take a long while. Many consumers are not ready to make such an expensive upfront investment in solar panels.

We are waiting for research and development efforts by companies to produce efficient, reliable solar panels that can be mass produced at a much lower cost. For those of us who want energy savings now, what we need is inexpensive, do it yourself solar energy. We need safe, easy step by step instructions that can be followed and implemented by most people.

Are you ready to make a difference now?

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